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President’s Message – August 20, 2011

This past week, due to the rain and threat of thunderstorms, we had to postpone some fun events that were planned for last weekend. The 75th Anniversary Celebration parade that was scheduled for Saturday and the activities of Family Day including the fireworks were pushed ahead to this weekend. I’m sure everyone was disappointed, but hopefully have recovered by now and look forward to all the fun. At least it should be a much more pleasant weekend. Unfortunately, some events had to be cancelled, such as the Lakeside Café but that activity will resume next month. Most folks don’t really know all the planning and careful scheduling that occurs every summer, juggling all the activities that are offered so there are no conflicting events taking place at one time. That way, folks get to attend all the activities they want to without any agonizing choices.

I would like to thank Carol Hastie and Lisa Ebers for being so organized with their calendars and schedules and for devoting so much time to this. Thank you also to Sue Buruchian for giving up her Saturday morning alerting members through the Gmail alert system she has set up.

At the Board Workshop on August 10, 2011 the Board reviewed the auditor’s report that was received earlier this month. Once again, the Club received an unqualified letter from the auditors. This means it was a very favorable report. This is consistent with every audit report for the past 20+ years.

The Board agreed during the Workshop to have testing done on the subsurface conditions under the tennis courts at Canistear Park. These courts have not been used for years due to the failure of the paved surface. Our discussions have leaned toward resurfacing the courts for basketball and skating/roller hockey. We must determine whether subsurface conditions are suitable for the investment that will be needed, and we must know that there are no conditions that would cause the same failures of the paved surface. We are in agreement that it makes little sense to spend any money on that project without that information. The testing will be conducted by Civil Dynamics and the results should be received by the Club shortly thereafter. Where we go from there will be determined after the Board has reviewed the results.

Also discussed at the workshop was the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board to put together a scope for improvements to the parking lot at the Clubhouse. The Buildings and Grounds Committee have put together some suggestions, as has the staff, so this Committee’s job now will be to take all of those suggestions into one document that will be given to a design team for drafting purposes. All aspects of the planning will be done by this team, including financial considerations, plan reviews, and coordination with staff. The committee will consist of Board members and representatives of relevant committees such as Ecology, Planning, Buildings and Grounds and Roads.

Enjoy the activities this weekend, the Art Show next weekend and for heaven’s sake, don’t forget about the Annual Meeting this Sunday, August 21, 2011.


Jeanne Jameson

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