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“Family Style” Sailing Fleet Forming

A new sailing fleet is being formed and looking for potential members… the as-of-yet unnamed fleet is intended to serve entire families (or at least two people onboard simultaneously) who want to sail together on the same boat, and the expectation is that the new fleet will be up and running for the 2012 sailing season.

The group, which is led by member/Club Treasurer Mike Gillooley, has been meeting over the past few months to discuss ways to acquire a fleet of boats — either Club 420s or Club Flying Juniors — from an existing college sailing program that’s looking to upgrade its own fleet. (Typically colleges replace their fleets every few years and sell the old fleet to the public.)

The hope is to purchase a fleet with boats in the same relative condition to each other as a way of ensuring that everyone’s boat is evenly matched.  A few colleges have already been approached, and there are already 10 families that have informally communicated their desire to participate. The group would love to hear from other families that are interested and from individuals who are interested but don’t have the built-in family crew. (There are plans to set up a “crew wanted/needed” system to help pair boats-in-need with boatless crew members.)

Anyone who’s interested should contact Mike Gilooley at 973-764-4185 or at ybnormal@warwick.net.

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