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Renewing your Garden

Now that spring is in full bloom your property is undoubtedly beckoning for some attention. Once you have picked up the sticks and other debris that may have collected in your yard since last fall you can turn your attention to pulling out the pesky weeds that have already begun to grow. Then spread a two-inch layer of mulch which will inhibit further weed growth and keep ground moisture from evaporating.

Many garden centers sell bagged mulch in a variety of colors and types, such as cedar or pine. The Sussex Solid Waste Facility in Lafayette offers compost which is the result of processing leaves, grass clippings and brush. This is free, but you must shovel it and transport it. There are also several commercial sources of bulk mulch in Sussex County. They offer multiple varieties including twice-ground mulch which is recommended by many seasoned gardeners because it decomposes more quickly and provides the nutrients that nourish plants naturally.

Wood chips, though attractive, are often discouraged in a garden because they may have been created from trees that were diseased and therefore have the potential to spread disease in your garden. To be on the safe side, use wood chips on garden paths only.

Do you have garden-related questions? The Master Gardeners of Sussex County has a volunteer-staffed phone line that is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM. Telephone 973.948.3040.

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