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Swim Team practices start Monday, June 25th

If you are not yet at the lake, join us when you get here.

The following is the new practice schedule for the Swim Team. The complete meet schedule is available here.
9:00-10:00 ages 13 and up
10:00-11:00 ages 11-12
11:00-12:00 ages 8-10
12:00-12:30 ages 7 and Under

You may notice a slight change since last year. I added a half hour to our practice time to accommodate growing numbers.

Practice times are flexible. For example, an accomplished 11 year old swimmer can swim with the 9:00 am practice. Also, within reasonable age and ability differences, children can swim with a later group to be with friends, or other family members. As many of you know, there are also many other activities at the lake that coincide with swim team, so it is fine to come to an earlier or later practice to accommodate daily schedule changes. The ages listed above serve as a general guide.

A few notes:

  1. Children coming out for the swim team must be able to swim without assistance.
  2. The water depth at the swim lanes is 8 feet.
  3. Do not confuse swim team with swim lessons. Swim lessons are offered at the beaches.
  4. Registration forms will be handed out at the first day of practice.

Thanks to the Swim Team parents organization for purchasing barbell floats. This is a great learning tool for the beginner swimmer and we will be using them every day.

See you at practice – Coach Miller

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