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Boat Removal Notice from boat docks, racks and Club grounds – west side of Highland Lakes

The Building and Grounds Committee, together with the Boat and Dock Committee, will again inspect and repair boat racks this fall. The program requires the removal of all boats stored on boat racks and Club property on the western side of Highland Lakes by October 15, 2012. Once the racks and areas are clear, inspections, maintenance and landscaping can be performed late in the fall and in the early spring.

Boats must be removed from Club docks by October 15, 2012 as well so that docks can be repaired for winter storage.

As we all know, many boats appear abandoned or otherwise unused. These boats are taking up valuable space that could be better used by members interested in boating. Furthermore, clearing these racks of abandoned/unused boats avoids the expense of adding additional boat racks, and taking over more land. Lastly, it eliminates the excuse that members have that there is “no rack space and storing my boat on the ground is the only choice I have.”

All freeways on the western side of the Main Lake are affected by this notice as follows:

  • Club park
  • Comet Row
  • Eckhart Sailing Center
  • Freeway at Winetka Road
  • Freeway at Wiscasset Road
  • Freeway at Oneota Road
  • Freeway at stream crossing south of Oneota Road
  • Freeway south of Ocala Road
  • Freeway north of Monadnock Road
  • Freeway at Lakeside Drive East near spillway

In addition, the following other locations are included:

  • Lake 5 – Pocasset Road – Beach 7 area
  • Lake 1 – LakesideDrive – Beach 1 area

All boats stored at these locations must be removed by October 15th! Any boat remaining afer that date is subject to removal and storage in accordance with the Club’s Rules and By-Laws. Boats that can not be identified through either a Club permit, NJ registration or hull identification number will be declared abandoned and disposed of in accordance with New Jersey law.

We understand your concern that you will lose your rack space if you bring your boat home. The Committees are in agreement that the rack space you have vacated will be assigned to you and that this will be your space until such time as you no longer are a member in good standing. An inventory of boats stored at these locations will begin shortly by Highland Lakes Security. We will require boat removal from Club properties on each side of the Main Lake in alternating years, ensuring that all boats are removed from Club property at least once every two years.

Allison LaRocca, Security Manager, has been appointed as the contact person for this program. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have at 973-764-4266.

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