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Hurricane Sandy – Message from Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative

We received this message earlier today from SREC, and encourage you to review it. SREC has also provided guidance on preparing for disasters.
Hurricane Sandy is forecast to impact New Jersey sometime late Monday or early Tuesday although this is subject to change. Your cooperative is implementing its disaster plan today in anticipation of extensive damage and extended outages, perhaps days in length.

You need to know that our crews will not be working during the peak of the storm for their safety. High winds, heavy rains and falling trees make work in these times very dangerous. We have contacted other utilities and our tree trimming contractor to provide additional crews and have them onsite ready to work as soon as it is safe.

Since there is the real potential for multi-day outages, we recommend our members make their own preparations. A detailed list of recommendations is available on our home page at www.sussexrec.com. Of particular importance are the following:

If you need an uninterrupted electric supply for medical reasons, you need to make arrangements to provide for that need. No utility can guarantee uninterrupted power or priority restoration following the storm.

Report your outage using our toll free number to speed our restoration efforts. That number is 877-504-6463. Calls to this number feed our outage management system directly while calls to our local number do not.

After reporting your outage, please be patient. It will take time for us to develop restoration plans and we will not be able to provide expected restoration times. Please leave our lines free for people to report emergencies and new outages.

Treat all downed lines as if they are energized and stay well clear. Do not make any attempt to move branches or debris from lines. If a downed line is presenting a safety hazard, please contact 911 immediately.

Following the storm, we will provide updates in the following ways:

Via this e-mail blast at regular intervals.

Via Twitter.

Via our home page.

Our media allies monitor one or more of these sources and provide updates on radio and television.

We want our members to know that we are taking every step to minimize the length of time power is out. Please be sure to prepare for the safety of your family and your property. And please, report your outage using 877-504-6463.

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