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Channel catfish and walleye stocked

Cooler water temperatures combined with a fish hatchery’s timetable for pond drainage make late fall the ideal time to stock fish. This year’s fish stocking fell right between Hurricane “Sandy” and the fast-approaching “Nor’easter”.

In an attempt to get fish safely delivered before the storm, Mike Zetts of Zett’s Fish Farms arrived late Tuesday afternoon, November 6, and Fishing Committee volunteers Al Perez, Bob Reffelt, and Mark Grammerstorf joined me in successfully releasing 750 Channel Catfish and 338 Walleye fingerlings in our five lakes. The fish, in the 4 to 6 inch class, all appeared healthy and disappeared to deeper waters within seconds of being released. Both species are known to be challenging sport fish and Highland Lakes members who are anglers have been enjoying this fishery since first introduced by the HL Fishing Committee.

Whether you are a hard-core angler or just like to drown a worm now and then and would like to be keep abreast of future stocking plans and fishing activities available to the membership, please plan to attend the monthly Fishing Committee meeting every second Thursday at 8:00 pm following the Ecology meeting.

Michael Ewasko
Fishing Committee, Chairman

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