Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

07422 Reaches Far Beyond our Highland Lakes

Members of Highland Lakes Country Club and Community Association reside in an area with a zip code of 07422. Other geographic areas sharing this zip code include the lake communities of Barry Lakes and Lake Wanda, the land that falls between portions of Canistear Road and County Route 515 and residential communities as far north as the portion of Sussex County which borders New York (near Route 94). The entire 07422 zip code actually includes an area that is 15.4 square miles and home to nearly 3,000 households, less than 2,000 of those homes are located within the borders of Highland Lakes Country Club and Community Association, AKA “our Highland Lakes”.

Though households and individuals may have a Highland Lakes address they are not necessarily members of our association. When arrests or wrong doings are reported by the press it is rare that the report given actually specifies the individual’s local community. Instead, the zip code and town associated with that zip code is used when the individual is identified in police and prosecutor reports.

While we are regrettably mindful that certain arrests, pleas and convictions are properly attributable to our residents, we do not want credit for all such individuals when they reside in neighborhoods outside of “our Highland Lakes”. It would be nice if time was taken to properly identify the community in which offenders reside rather than just going by a zip code and branding them all as residents of Highland Lakes. We are thankful that the Vernon Police Department is now taking the time to do this and we are planning discussions with the Sussex County Prosecutor’s office to convince them to do the same.We are working on it!

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