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Enjoy the Lake in Winter … Carefully

As the weather gets colder, we can look forward to enjoying the lakes in another season. There’s a lot of fun ahead as the temperature drops for all of our lake members – skating, ice boating, and ice fishing. However, it’s important to make sure that you approach the ice cautiously; you can’t always tell thin ice from thick by looking at it. To be safe, check the area before you go out on the ice, avoid areas where water flows into or out of the lake, have a partner with you, and stick to the areas where the water depth is less than your height.

About ice fishing: The Club’s prohibition against the presence of internal combustion engines (see Rule No. 7) applies to gas-powered ice augers. Also note that New Jersey’s ice fishing regulations are applicable at all times.

The Club receives calls throughout the winter asking whether the “ice is safe”. The Club makes no representation about ice conditions and safety. All persons using the lakes for any purpose at any time do so at their own risk.

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