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A Reminder About Pets on Club Property

One look at a mopey dog with its face pressed up against the glass of the front door is all you need to know that cabin fever isn’t exclusively a human condition. Dogs, cats, and most other household pets all (for the most part) yearn to be outside with us. But the whims of our furry friends do not outweigh the safety concerns of our members or our Club rules.

  • Please be aware that unleashed pets are not allowed to run loose on any Club property.
  • And please keep in mind that leashed and unleashed pets are specifically prohibited from all beaches and play areas according to Club rules.

Anyone who’s interested in letting their dog run in a fenced-in area can take their furry buddy down to the newly opened Dogs of Vernon (www.dogsofvernon.org) off-leash dog park that recently opened on Route 517 north of Sammis Road.

In recent days our Security officers have been told by residents, after informing them that their dogs were not permitted in the utility court at Beach 1, that they thought this area was the new Vernon dog park. While we have no idea how someone can be so mistaken, we hope this post clarifies both the Club’s rules and that the utility court is not a dog park, and encourages your use of the new dog park created by the volunteers of the Dogs of Vernon, Inc.

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