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Discounted Septic Pumping Program Being Discussed

In an effort to encourage members to better maintain their septic systems and protect the lake environment, the Ecology Committee is considering a “Community Septic Tank Pumping Drive” program.

The proposal, which was presented to the Club’s Voting Board on February 15, is intended to encourage a minimum number of cabin owners to sign up for competitively discounted septic pumping. (The program would be offered in successive years to accommodate those who recently had their tanks pumped.)

The program would be coordinated by members of the Ecology Committee, who will obtain and evaluate bids from qualified and interested septic pumping vendors, and help participants locate their septic tank(s) if necessary. Upon selection of the vendor, group pumping dates would be scheduled and the vendor’s work (especially for those homeowners who might not be available on the dates selected) would be monitored for quality assurance.

To participate in the program, Club members will need to complete and submit a short form that indicates their interest and provides summary details about the location and pumping history of their tank(s) to the extent that such information is available.

Final program details are currently being worked on and will be discussed by the Voting Board. If you want more information or are interested in participating in or assisting with this program, please contact Ecology Committee Chairman Bob Reffelt at breffelt@aol.com.

For information about residential septic systems, check out NJDEP’s helpful guide.

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