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Speed Humps Calm Roads

Last summer 6 speed humps were installed as part of a traffic calming pilot program. Four were installed on Lakeside Drive West and two on Glen Ridge Road. The humps are 14’ long and span the width of the road. It starts flush with the road, then rises 3” in the middle, then back to 0” at the end. They are designed for a speed of 25 mph, which is the speed limit on all Club roads. The locations were determined after a study of average speeds on sections of roads identified as local speedways. The study concluded that some vehicles were traveling well over the 25 mph speed limit in some of these locations.

The Road Committee is now in the process of identifying additional locations where speed humps can be used to make our roads safer for all members. We are looking at sections of roads that have been identified by members as unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as other vehicles due to speeding. Unfortunately there are limitations as to where a speed hump can be placed. The section of road where the actual speed hump is placed has to be relatively straight and not too steep.

If you have a section of road that you would like us to consider, please share your thoughts with your trustee or a member of the committee or send an email to the Club office. The committee meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm and all members are welcome to attend.

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