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Attention Sailors – Flying Junior Fleet Update

The Flying Junior fleet will start the 2013 season with 12 boats.

This year’s fleet races will be held on Sunday mornings at 11 am from June 29 to September 1. The fleet was formed to encourage parents, children, and any  combination thereof to sail together. We’ve received several inquiries about the new fleet, and if another couple of families commit to buying boats we will look into obtaining another six boats. (We’ve seen a couple of universities selling their FJ fleets this winter, but such sales are usually in groups of six.) Numerous colleges have sailing programs using FJs, so joining our new fleet represents a great opportunity to get your kids involved in a program that can potentially give them a leg up in their eventual college application process.

Anyone who’s new to sailing or fears that it’s too difficult or complicated to race should give me, Mike Gilooley, a call at 973-764-4185 or send me an email  at ybnormal@warwick.net. Trust me when I say, if I can do it, anyone can.

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