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Credits for Summer Garbage Services

Members in good standing who are customers of Blue Diamond or Waste Management are entitled to credits on their invoices for the ten weeks of garbage services provided by the Club during the Monday, July 1 through Tuesday, September 3 period.

Each week, lists of members who have paid their dues are provided to both haulers so that the proper credits can be issued. This year, both Blue Diamond and Waste Management will be issuing pro-rated credits for those who pay their dues and assessments in full after July 1st. For example, if you do not pay your dues and assessments until August 1st, then you are obligated to either Blue Diamond or Waste Management for the services delivered to you during the month of July under your private contract, and your credit will be pro-rated.

Blue Diamond customers who are members in good standing for each of the ten weeks under the Club’s contract, will receive a credit of $67.50 against the garbage portion of your bill, leaving a balance of $31.50 for three months of recycling and three weeks garbage in September. If you need to discuss your credit with Blue Diamond, please call Customer Service at 973-598-9800.

Waste Management customers have varying quarterly billing rates, depending upon whether recycling is provided and other factors. Therefore, there is no universal credit that will be provided, and the amount of the credit will vary considerably. Questions about your Waste Management credit should be directed to Desiree DaBaldo (609-434-5668) or by email to Ddabald1@wm.com.

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