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Septic Tank Pumping Program Registration Extended

Keeping our community clean and healthy is everyone’s responsibility.  One of the initiatives introduced this year by the Ecology Committee is an effort to make our collective effort a little more painless. They’ve obtained a substantial HLCC Group pumping discount from David Zuidema.  If you’re interested in participating, please pick up a Newsette and fill out the form to submit to the Club office. The form may also be obtained by download here.

A few weeks after submitting your application David’s office will contact you directly to schedule an appointment. If you have a standard, easily accessible 1000 gallon tank the discounted price will be $150 dollars plus NJ sales tax. To obtain this price you (or your personally named representative):

  1. Must be available to meet with the pumper at your house during normal business hours
  2. Must know where your tank is located
  3. Must not require digging services by the pumper to access the tank lid. (Extra charges will apply for any digging services).
  4. Must be prepared to pay the driver directly upon successful completion of the job.

Note: There may be additional charges for pumping tanks that are difficult to locate or hard to pump due to steep or rough terrain near your tank. Also, if it is recommended by the pumper that your septic system is in need of any repairs, those repairs would not be included in the discounted pumping price.

The Ecology Committee feels certain that the selected pumper will treat all Highland Lakes participating residents fairly and honestly; however, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the Committee Chair, Bob Reffelt, directly at 973 764-6869.

Thanks again for helping to keep our lakes clean.

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