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A Message from Vernon Township Animal Control about missing cats / Upcoming Rabies Clinic

In response to a request from our members, we asked representatives of Vernon Township Animal Control for comments on the reports we have received of missing cats. We thank them for the following information:

To: Highland Lakes Residents
From: Vernon Township Animal Control
Date: 10/15/2013
Reference: Missing Cats

It has been brought to our attention that there is a concern about a number of cats missing in Highland Lakes. Vernon Township Animal Control has reviewed lost and found reports for the past two months and the number of missing cats is not alarming at this time. We would like to thank everyone for their concern in this matter, and offer a few helpful ideas and reminders to help the lost animals.

1.) Do not feed stay cats – if a lost cat shows up on your property do not feed it!!!! Give it a chance to go back home. If you feed a lost cat it will stay lost.
2.) Report any lost and found domestic animals to Vernon Animal Control at 973-764-7751 (dead or alive). These reports will help us notify the pet’s owner that the animal has been found. Please do not take them into your home, or to out-of-town shelters or rescue groups.
3.) If you have an outside cat they should have a collar or micro chip and rabies shot. If someone calls in about a cat they have found we can identify it by the collar or micro chip.
4.) Rabies is on the rise again this year. Anyone who is feeding outside cats should control the feeding. Do not leave food outside – remove the food bowls and plates as soon as the cat is done eating. Do not leave food and bowls outside for other cats or wild animals to eat – this will help prevent the spread of the rabies disease. Vernon Township has a rabies ordinance – any cat between three to four months of age needs to be vaccinated against rabies. If you feed outside cats on your property you are considered the owner and should be responsible to get them shots and spayed/neutered so they do not keep reproducing.
5.) Wild animals, fox, raccoon, coyote will kill a cat or other small animals. It is suggested not to leave cats outside over night .

List of missing cats in Highland Lakes as of October 15, 2013:
8/26 – 2 cats white/brown one is fluffy – Manaticut Road
8/27 – grey/silver male – Cohocton Road
8/30 – large grey/blue white paws – Lakeside Drive
9/3 – black/white male – Lonaconing Road
9/3 – white/grey tabby male – Onteora Road
9/5 – brown /tan tabby – Terrace Drive
9/10 – tabby female – Muscoda Road
9/12 – black male – Cohocton Road
9/17 – orange – Lakeside Drive (found doa)
10/7 – 2 cats calico & black/white – Acabonack Road
10/11 – grey tabby female – Sagamore Road

The Township of Vernon is sponsoring a free Rabies Clinic on Saturday, November 9, 2013 from 10 am to 1 pm at the township garage on Church Street. Please bring prior rabies certificates and dog licenses if available. All dogs must be on leashes and cats in carriers.

Questions? Contact the Vernon Animal Shelter at 973-764-7751.

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