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Speed hump installations underway

The Club is in the process of installing speed humps at 15 locations throughout the community. Speeding remains a severe concern in our community, and we have commented previously both in the Newsette and on our website about our concerns about speeding.

This speed hump project reflects the excellent efforts of our Road Committee volunteers led by Chairman Tom Mulcahy, all of whom worked closely with the Voting Board and the Club’s office staff, gathered comments from residents who had speed humps installed last year in their neighborhoods in our pilot program, and assembled input from residents who submitted requests and comments about the need for speed humps along their roads. The Voting Board awarded its contract for speed hump installation to Cooper Paving. Updates will be provided as the work progresses.

Road Quantity (Subj. to Change)
Wenatchee Road 5
Lakeside Drive 6
Alturas Road 1
Waconia Road 2
Lakeside Drive West 6
Tranquility Drive 2
East Lakeside Drive (northern section) 5
Birch Road 2
East Lakeside Drive(between Cedar Lane and Glen Road extension 1
Mountainside Drive 3
East Lakeshore Drive(between Mountainside Drive and Canistear Road) 5
Cherry Ridge Road 1
Coon Den Road/Alturas Road 2
Lakeside Drive East (southern section) 7
Old Homestead Drive 7

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