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Walleye and Bait Fish Stocked

Tuesday morning October 29th was a little chilly but the perfect day for members of the HLCC Fish Committee to accept delivery of fish for stocking in our lakes. Mike Zetts from Zetts Fish Hatchery arrived on schedule after a last minute confirmation of our order and were met by committee volunteers at the clubhouse.

As expected the fish arrived unstressed and healthy looking and without delay approximately 600 walleye fingerlings in the 5″ class were transplanted into our main lake from Beach 2. Our walleye fishery has been progressing better than anyone expected and has become a favorite of many Highland Lakes anglers.

After discussions with state biologists, hatchery personal and fishing members of our community this past year the committee has chosen to expand our annual stocking plans to include the stocking of baitfish (fathead minnows).

Lakes 1, 3, 4 and 5 each received an equal share of the 35,000 minnow fry delivered. Future plans include the stocking of baitfish into the main lake. The stocking of baitfish aids in keeping a balance in the food chain and is an important step in the management of our lakes.

I would like to thank the committee volunteers who aided in this years stocking. The Fish Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday at 8 pm following the Ecology committee meeting. Plan on attending. Ice fishing is just around the corner!

Michael Ewasko
Chairman, HLCC Fish Committee

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