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Your Septic System Needs You

To work properly, a septic system needs just a little bit of attention every year. Spending just $150 (by signing up for the HL Special) to get your system pumped out annually could save you thousands of dollars in the long-run. It makes more than just cents to see that it’s done.

Your drinking water and our lakes depend on everyone’s diligence. Let’s start with the risks posed to your drinking water if waste water is released into the environment without any treatment. This exposes you and your neighbors to contaminated groundwater which carries bacteria and viruses and can lead to dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid fever.

Our lakes are also jeopardized when septic systems are not maintained. Waste water includes every bit of water used in the home; along with the water that is being flushed down the toilet, water from your washing machine, dishwasher, bath and shower is all being sent to your septic system as well. In addition to bacterial and viral components, nitrates and phosphates are often found in domestic waste water. All of these elements threaten the health of our beautiful waters and our community.

The Ecology Committee has made it easy to schedule your annual septic system maintenance and get a discount on the service at the same time. You will find a form in a recent Newsette that you’ll just need to complete and drop-off or mail into the Club office. Once a number of orders have been received, the Committee contacts Zuidema Septic Service and arranges a date for the group cleaning to occur. This initiative will continue until the ground is fully frozen and will begin again in the spring, though the price may be higher then. Better to get the tank cleaned now.

Read the dos and dont’s about septic systems and learn more about how they work here.

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