Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

Delayed Office Opening/Snow Storm Update – February 14th

The Club office will  open at 11 am today. A decision will be made on the Ice Fishing Derby currently scheduled for Saturday, February 15th and will be posted here later today.

Snow plowing operations will continue throughout the day. The walls of snow along roadways and at intersections compromise visibility, and there is very little room to put the snow. Once plowing operations are completed, we will be working to improve site distance at intersections. The Club is not responsible for clearing areas around mailboxes so please keep that in mind when you are out with your snowblowers and shovels. With roads narrowed due to the volume of snow, keep your garbage containers in your driveway and not in the roadway so that they do not interfere with road widening efforts.

According to preliminary data released at 5 am today by the National Weather Service, you can guess where the most snowfall recorded in New Jersey occurred – at Highland Lakes – 19.2 inches.

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