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Junior members will do household work for hire

The Club is often approached by members looking for help with tasks around the house, especially snow shoveling in winter and light yard work in the spring and fall. We have also received comments from members along the lines of, “do you know anyone who can shovel since there aren’t any children walking around with snow shovels in my neighborhood looking for jobs.”

We were presented an opportunity last week to publicize a parentally-supervised work effort performed by children in our community, and published their ad on page 11 in the February 4 issue of the Newsette.

To our parents: These youth work activities are important to our community, and we will publish your your childrens’ ads free-of-charge in our Classifieds section in the Newsette.

To our children: By performing work in our community, you can help your older neighbors out with chores around their house (like snow shoveling, raking leaves, painting fences, mowing lawns, etc.) and earn money you can save to buy things you want, or… gulp, help pay for college.

To our seniors: Many seniors are often looking for just a little help around their house and on their property, and by hiring children from within our community (who are supervised by adults at all times) to do those jobs for you, you can get your small jobs done at a very reasonable cost while helping those same children learn the value of honest work for an honest wage.

Talk about a win-win for the community…

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