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As we move ever closer to the summer season Newsette production goes from a monthly endeavor to a weekly one. Each issue will contain a feature article along with reports about committee work  and stories from members about sports and activities.

Photos will make these stories come alive. This coming issue of the Newsette will focus on the upcoming summer activity schedule spotlighting our sports program. If you have pictures from last year that you would like to submit please email them to us. Please provide, as best you can, a brief description of the photo (date, location, activity, participants) and who took the photo so that we can give proper credit.

Any photos you send to us for publication must be in a digital file format — sorry, no traditional print photos–and the resolution must be at least 150 dpi (which stands for dots per inch). If you don’t know how to confirm your photo’s resolution, look at its file size — if it’s 1MB or more, its resolution is probably high enough for use. Do not embed your photo in an email or a Word document. Instead send it as an attachment (jpeg is preferred.) Space is limited and so we can’t promise that everything we receive will be included, but there is a good chance that it will either this time or in subsequent issues.

Whenever you’re attending a club activity or event and you see a great picture in the making, snap away and submit your photos for consideration. Always include the event/activity name, the name(s) of those pictured and the photographer so that we can give you credit for your work.

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