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New Docks – Handle with Care

You may have already noticed the new polyethylene docks that have been installed at Club Park, Comet Row, Eckhart Sailing Center, Beach 3 and Beach 4. The docks have an expected life span of 20-30 years. These docks have different performance characteristics and require some education in their use.

The new polyethylene docks are different from traditional pressure treated wood and encapsulated foam flotation docks that we formerly used. Our new docks have no foam or wood, but are instead constructed of UV inhibited polyethylene. Having no foam, the buoyancy of the dock is gained by air sealed internally in the dock chambers. As a result it is essential that these air chambers are kept intact. No holes are to be drilled or any modifications made to your dock space. Should you have special docking requirements please submit these requests in writing to the boat and dock committee. Please be aware any unauthorized modification will be subject to assessments as indicated in our rules and regulations.

Another difference between these docks and our older docks is that there is no exposed metal used in the entire new dock structure. The docks’ polyethylene construction is made of materials similar to those used in the construction of sailboats, canoes and kayaks. Additionally, there are only rubber/poly connections which join the polyethylene dock sections together forming the dock structure and therefore no protective fenders need be attached to docks in any way.

You will find cleats provided at each dock location. These cleats are specially designed with a space between the cleat legs for the use of your security device. You should provide your own method to secure your boat to the dock space. Approved security devices are plastic coated stainless steel cable, galvanized or stainless steel chain and rope or lines. No securing device that causes chafing or causes rust is permitted as this could damage our docks.

Please see the photograph in this issue of the Newsette as an example of suggested approved devices. Current dock stickers for the 2014 boating season should be placed on the black plastic mounting plate located near your assigned dock space. The special mounting plate is provided because the adhesive backing on the HLCC boating sticker will not stick to the polyethylene dock surface for the entire boating season. Should you have any questions please contact the boat and dock committee.

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