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Badge Checking Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are desperately needed for badge checking for the 2014 season. What a great way to accumulate your 20 hours towards Adult Appreciation while enjoying our lovely beaches at the same time. If you are interested please call any of the following beach captains or sign up at the Clubhouse and we will contact you.

Let’s all do a little something for our community!

Highland Lakes Badge Checking Committee – Summer of 2014

Beach Captains
Beach 1  Ursula Fahmy            973-764-6539
Beach 2  OPEN
Beach 3  Lou Cataldo                973-764-5537
Beach 4  Pat Gillooley               973-764-4459
Beach 5  Madeline Brancato    973-764-7486
Beach 6  Joann LaRocca           973-764-7329
Beach 7  Sue Imbarrato            973-459-9367

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