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Beach 1 Bus Stop Information

Thursday, September 4 marks the opening of school and the school bus stop at Beach 1. On Wednesday, September 3 the parking and traffic pattern at Beach 1 will be changed to accommodate school buses, and will be in effect until the end of school next June.

Here are the key points to these changes:

  • Parking for those who enter the Beach 1 site from Breakneck Road will be restricted to the parking spaces in the “loop road” – there will be no access into either of the two parking aisles along the ball field or children’s playground area.
  • Stopping/Standing is prohibited at all times within the school bus loop road.
  • Access into both parking aisles will be available from the rear of the site – the Lakeside Drive entrance. You will be able to pass from one aisle to the other in the area at the loop road and at the rear of the site.
  • Designated handicapped parking spaces are restricted under all circumstances to those drivers authorized to use them – summonses will be issued for unauthorized use.
  • Parents are reminded that the tennis courts are for tennis only – children are not permitted to play in these areas at any time.
  • Parents who live north of Breakneck Road should use the Lakeside Drive entrance, leaving the spaces in the loop road available to others.

Your cooperation is essential in making the school bus stop safe for all children and the drivers of the school buses. Thank you.

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