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Salt and Grits Obtained in Preparation for Sunday Storm

Living in a private lake community that rests on top of the mountains is picturesque, even breathtakingly beautiful in any given season. Despite the natural beauty that abounds, it’s hard to ignore the challenge winter brings to commuters when repeated ice and snow events occur, coupled with a shortage of salt and grits (two essentials in maintaining safe roadways.) Regrettably media reports inform all of us that the supply of salt in salt storage facilities is low or non-existent in many towns. That is true here in Vernon as well, reflected in snow covered road conditions days after a storm event along main roads (like Canistear Road) and on side roads.

This supply shortage has affected our community’s ability to keep lake roads clear, since Vernon’s DPW provides the salt/sand mix to private communities under an agreement with the town three years ago. Last year salt was in desperate supply with little to be had at the ports. This year we face a different challenge, though the results seem to be the same. Currently, salt supply is available but the trucks needed to transport it are not. The frequency of storm events has created a logistical problem, as trucks normally used to haul salt are otherwise engaged in plowing and sanding roads under contract with the state and other local governments.

Because of this shortage, Highland Lake’s supply has been limited in use to mostly hills and intersections on local roads. With the National Weather Service’s forecast on Thursday afternoon that raised the distinct possibility of a snow/sleet/freezing rain event for Sunday (2.8.15) evening, arrangements were made to purchase salt directly from a supplier in Haledon resulting in a delivery Friday morning. At the same time plans were made through DPW to haul sand directly from Vernon’s supplier in Hardyston to our yard, where we mixed salt and grits Friday afternoon in advance of Sunday’s forecasted storm.

Caution is urged during any storm event. Highland Lakes residents are asked to do their part. No parking on lake roads is permitted while clean-up efforts are underway. Residents are reminded to be careful not to inadvertently cast snow into roadways as they clear their own paths and driveways. Timely removal of ice and snow on private property will keep everyone safer.

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