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Boat Dock Lottery News – Applications due March 15

The Highland Lakes Voting Board has voted to revamp the boat dock lottery process as demand for docking space has changed. The Club will no longer conduct an annual boat dock lottery and will instead hold a one-time lottery in the spring of this year to assign docking space to members on a permanent basis.

The change was motivated in an effort to streamline the process as a more efficient use of staff and volunteer resources and to limit the uncertainty for members who use the dock space each year. In addition, it has been noted that there are currently more dock spaces available than are being used, limiting the need for a lottery process.

At its January 17, 2015 meeting, the Voting Board voted to permanently assign spaces at the following docks via a one-time lottery:

– Club Park (North of the Clubhouse)     – Comet Row (South of Beach 2 at the Clubhouse)

– Beach 3 (at Lookover Lane)                – Beach 4 (Lakeside Drive East near Island Drive)

Note: Junior sailors and members with special needs will have priority at the Eckhart Sailing Center dock.

To be eligible for a dock space at the locations above, members must complete the application that was sent in the annual dues invoice mailing. <CLOSED>The application is also available here and at the Club office. Applications must be received no later than March 15, 2015 at the Club office.<CLOSED>

Only members in good standing will be eligible to be assigned boat dock space in the lottery. Members who have a balance for calendar year 2015 will be advised of the results of their lottery application, but not authorized to place their boat in the assigned space until their dues and assessments for calendar year 2015 are paid in full. If the member is not in good standing by June 1st, the application and boat dock assignment will be withdrawn.

Once a member is assigned a boat dock space, that member will not need to re-apply for the space again at any time, so long as he/she remains a member in good standing and the space is being used. It is your space to use, year in/year out. If applications exceed the number of available spaces at a particular location, the member will be given a choice to temporarily choose a different location and/or be placed on a waiting list for space at their preferred location.

For any members who would like to reserve boat dock space after this spring’s one-time lottery takes place, there will be a process to apply on a first come-first served basis to reserve a boat dock space if available or otherwise be placed on the waiting list. A small number of spaces are grandfathered to members whose spaces predate the original docks purchased by the Club in 1989. Those spaces will remain grandfathered.


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