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Community Yard Sale July 18

Springtime brings with it the urge to get things organized and straightened up. For many this is the time of year when unused items in closets, basements, attics and sheds are given a discerning look. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the stuff in your house and yard that you or your kids have outgrown or just never use.

As the Goodwill Fundraising Committee prepares for another Community Yard Sale, let us suggest that you DON’T throw anything away just yet. Instead, set it aside and plan to bring it down to the clubhouse on Friday, July 17. We will take most household items in good working order and sell them at yard sale prices the following day.

We’ll take small appliances, bric-a-brac, household items (dishes, glasses, mugs), lamps, holiday items and decorations, linens (comforters, sheets, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, etc.), tools, books, DVDs, CDs, stationary, electronic games, small electronics, toys, puzzles, games, sports equipment, bikes, miscellaneous household items including small furniture, jewelry, handbags/totes/backpacks/umbrellas, luggage with working wheels, fabrics/notions/wool, craft and art materials, garden items, pictures, frames, Highland Lakes memorabilia, etc. The very little that we cannot accept includes: clothing, computers, televisions, car seats, cribs, items that have been recalled, luggage without wheels, stuffed animals, exercise equipment or VHS tapes. As always the opportunity to rent table space is available to those who wish to sell their own items privately.

The Community Yard Sale on Saturday, July 18 is a rain-or-shine event and one that always receives a huge turnout. Start preparing for it today by putting aside those long lost treasures.

The Goodwill Fund is a fund that was started in 2005 to help people in our community who were facing financial hardships due to a catastrophic event or series of smaller events that have made life very difficult. Every year members of the community have the opportunity to donate money to this Fund through private donations or through participation in a variety of fundraising activities, like the Community Yard Sale. The money raised in this way is dedicated to the Fund and can only be used to help members in good standing pay their mandatory annual Club dues and assessments or some portion of those fees.

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