Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

HLCC’s Got Talent – July 26 – 3 pm

Do you have a special talent? Are you an underutilized performer? Has waiting by your phone for Simon Cowell’s call each night lost its luster? Then TODAY is your lucky day! Come and show off what American Idol missed out on at the HLCC Talent Show on July 26 at 3 pm.

Register at the Clubhouse or by downloading the HLCC’s Got Talent registration form. Drop the form off with our Clubhouse staff or through the mail slot in the office front door.

If you would like to register by email, send an email message to hlclub2240@gmail.com with the subject “Talent Show Registration“.  Within the email please include:

Your Name

Your Parents’ Names and Membership Number

Your Phone Number and Email Address


Any requirements you may need for your act (CD player, DVD, microphone, large television screen, electrical connection, etc.)

Music you will need (performer/song)

YouTube link if needed

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