Highland Lakes

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Voting Board Workshop – Wednesday, August 12

The Highland Lakes Voting Board has two scheduled meetings each month. On the second Wednesday of every month a board workshop is held and on the third Friday of each month a board meeting is held. Both begin at 8:00 pm and are usually held in the Lakeroom. A board workshop is scheduled to take place tonight, August 12. Our Annual Meeting, which will occur this Sunday, August 16 at 2 pm, will take the place of this month’s regular board meeting.

All members are welcomed at board meetings and workshops, and are especially encouraged at the Club’s Annual Meeting where a quorum of 5 percent of members in good standing is needed before the meeting can begin. The Annual Meeting, set by the By-Laws for the third Sunday in August, is held in the clubhouse and the agenda always includes an address from the president and chairman of the board, a budget review from our treasurer, and words from our legal counsel. The floor is opened to members for a portion of the meeting where they are free to share their thoughts about community matters with all in attendance. At the end of the meeting elections take place. Members must wear their badges to attend and have their membership card with them in order to vote.

Topics slated for discussion by the board tonight at the board workshop will include job descriptions, preparations for Sunday’s annual meeting and revised recommendations from the By-Laws and Rules Committee on inflatable rafts and boat motors. Board members are the only ones permitted to speak at board workshops. Comments from the audience are permitted during portions of the Friday night board meetings when the floor is open to the members. It is at these meetings that trustees and officers of the board cast their votes on matters that were discussed earlier in the month at board workshops.

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