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Boat removal from all docks by October 18, please

Removal of Club docks begins Monday, October 18, 2015. All owners of boats stored on Club docks MUST remove their boats by this date. Boats may not be placed on shore but should be taken home to be stored. Boats may not be tied around trees or boat racks.

Please take notice that Rule 24 (C.) of the Club’s Rules and Regulations requires boats to be removed. The Rule reads as follows:
STORAGE ON DOCKS and RACKS AFTER OCTOBER 15: All boats must be removed from Club docks not later than October 15 of each year. In alternating years, all boats must be removed from boat racks by October 15, as determined by the Boat and Dock committee and as published in the Newsette. Boats stored after October 15 in violation of this Rule will be removed to storage immediately. See Rule 24 (F.) for special assessments and penalties associated with failure to remove your boat.

The Club assumes no responsibility for any damage to or theft of your boat if it has to be moved off the docks or racks. Thank you.

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