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Preparing for Hurricane Joaquin – Preparations cancelled

Update October 2: this morning’s forecast placed the hurricane well to the east of Highland Lakes. As a result, all preparations have been cancelled and the valves on the lakes are being closed.
In advance of the projected arrival early next week of Hurricane Joaquin, the Club will begin lowering the five lakes Thursday afternoon, October 1. While precipitation forecasts are not available at this time, this prudent approach provides additional storage capacity resulting from a large amount of precipitation.

Impacts from Hurricane Joaquin are not anticipated to occur until Monday or Tuesday of next week, however this weekend is the time to:

  • REMOVE your boats from all docks. If you don’t want to remove boats, make sure all boats are securely tied down
  • SECURE or STORE all outside furniture, garbage cans, boats and anything else not tied down
  • WRITE DOWN or store in your cell phone Sussex Rural’s number 877-504-6463 to report power outages
  • LOOK UP your homeowner’s insurance company’s telephone number and your policy number and keep both in a safe place
  • CHECK the drains around your house and your roof gutters for clogs and debris
  • LEND A HANDclear any storm drains near your home clogged with leaves
  • KEEP your cell phone charged

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a handy guide for preparing for hurricanes. The Philadelphia/Mount Holly Office of the National Weather Service provides a detailed briefing for emergency management for Hurricane Sandy.

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