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Voting Board Workshop – Wednesday, February 10

The board is due to hold its monthly workshop tonight, Wednesday, February 10. The meeting begins at 8 pm in the Lake Room. Members are welcome to attend although they do not have the freedom to comment during the meeting. Comments from members are welcomed at the monthly board meeting which takes place on the third Friday of every month, except August when our annual meeting is held on Sunday afternoon. Our annual meeting this year is scheduled to take place on August 21. This month’s board meeting is scheduled to be held on February 19. Members who are unable to attend meetings but would like to receive a synopsis of what transpired, are encouraged to contact their trustee.

The board’s agenda for tonight’s meeting includes presentations from two committee chairs. Mary Jo Jablonski, chair of the ecology committee will be discussing a forestry management report and plan that was recently received from Farr Forestry and boat and dock committee chair, Tom Buchney will be speaking about the possible purchase of a pontoon dock and replacement dock for Beach 4. The board will also be reviewing a lake-drawdown analysis received from Princeton Hydro.

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