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Gypsy Moth Spraying – Updated Thursday, April 7

Vernon Township advises that aerial spraying for gypsy moths is scheduled to take place on or after May 16, 2016. This year’s recently introduced township budget includes $124,600 for the aerial spraying program. The township will mail notifications to all affected residents at least ten days in advance of the proposed date of treatment, publish notices in local newspapers, and coordinate the spraying with the local school district. Please note that the spraying timetable in the northern part of New Jersey is contingent on weather and wind, so adjustments may be necessary. Schedule updates will be posted on the website of Vernon Township.

Please note that small portions of Highland Lakes (the southern portion of the peninsula and the south end of the main lake) are not being sprayed based on the results of a field survey for gypsy moth egg masses conducted by representatives of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture last fall. This is the treatment map developed by the state:


Gypsy Moth – Field Survey Results Map 2015.11

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