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HLCC Athletics: Gearing up for an exciting 2016 season

Monday, June 27th marks the beginning of our 2016 summer athletics program. Team tennis on Saturdays at 9 am at Beach 1 and pickleball at various times at Canistear Park are already underway.

Sign-up books for team sports are located in the Activities Center at the Clubhouse. Check the Athletics Hotline (973-764-6674) for weekly updates, time changes, cancellations, and the latest news. Follow this link for a complete listing of the Club’s athletic programs. Contact me by email – peckhart21@yahoo.com.

We could still use volunteers to umpire for softball games, work with small children in the various sports, etc. It is a great opportunity to contribute, earn your “Appreciation creds” and to meet your neighbors.

See you on the courts and fields–please wear your badge.

Pat Eckhart
Athletics Director

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