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Sunday, October 16: Deadline for removal of ALL boats from ALL docks and from ALL boat racks on the western side of Highland Lakes, please

All boats on Club docks must be removed by Sunday evening, October 16, 2016, in order to provide time for the Club’s maintenance crew to relocate the docks for winter storage.

This fall boat racks on the western side of Highland Lakes will be inspected and repaired as necessary. The program requires the removal of all boats stored on boat racks on the western side of Highland Lakes also by Sunday, October 16, 2016. Once the racks and area are clear, any necessary maintenance and landscaping can be performed late in the fall and in the early spring.

Boats, kayaks, windsurfers, etc. of members stored after October 16, 2016, will be removed to storage, and members are subject to a special assessment of $100.00, and a daily storage charge of $5.00, calculated from the date the boat was removed to storage up to November 15, when a special winter storage fee of $250.00 will be imposed. After June 15, 2017, a disposal fee of $250.00 will be imposed. Boats may not be retrieved between November 15 and April 15.

All boats stored at the following boat rack locations must be removed by Sunday evening, October 16:

  • Lake 5 – Pocasset Road – Beach 7 area
  • Lake 1 – Lakeside Drive – Beach 1 area
  • Main Lake – western shore areas as follows:
  • Club Park
  • Comet Row
  • Eckhart Sailing Center
  • Crayfish Run Freeway at Winetka Road
  • Sunrise Path Freeway at Wiscasset Road
  • Freeway at Oneota Road
  • Running Brook Freeway at stream crossing south of Oneota Road
  • Catfish Path Freeway south of Ocala Road
  • Freeway north of Monadnock Road
  • Freeway at Lakeside Drive East near Main Lake dam spillway

The Boat Dock committee, working with maintenance staff, will be modifying certain racks to accommodate kayaks and constructing additional racks for kayaks.

Some boats appear abandoned or otherwise unused. These boats are taking up valuable space that could be better used by members interested in boating. Furthermore, clearing the racks of abandoned/unused boats avoids the expense of adding additional boat racks, and taking over more land. Lastly, it eliminates the excuse that members have that there is “no rack space and storing my boat on the ground is the only choice I have.”

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