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Voting Board Bans Generators from Club Properties

Earlier this year the Voting Board requested a review by the By-Laws and Rules Committee of a ban on generator use on Club properties. Concerns included the electric shock dangers of improper grounding for charging of boats at docking and freeway areas, noise affecting neighbors and overall safety.

The committee’s recommendation to ban the use of generators on Club property was discussed at the Voting Board workshop on September 7, and at the board’s regular meeting on September 16 an amended Rule No. 6 was adopted extending the prohibition against internal combustion engines from the lakes to all Club property. The amended Rule No. 6 (changes underlined) is:

  • The presence of combustion engines of any type, whether designed to power a boat, vehicle or mechanical device such as an ice auger, snow thrower, or generator are prohibited on any of the Club’s lakes or property unless needed by the Club for rescue, safety or maintenance, or as authorized by the Voting Board.

The Voting Board extends its appreciation to the volunteers of the By-Laws and Rules Committee for their efforts.

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