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Voting Board Clarifies Recreational Vehicle Parking Restrictions

At the Voting Board’s meeting on Friday, October 21, 2016, a revision was passed to Rule 23 of the Club’s Rules and Regulations to address the parking of recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, etc. on Club properties. The amendment specifically references Club roadways and unimproved rights-of-way as properties subject to the rule’s parking prohibitions.

The width of the Club’s rights-of-way is generally thirty-three feet and within these rights-of-way is the traveled (paved) way. The Old Homestead Drive right-of-way, for example, is fifty feet wide while others are forty and some twenty. Some Club rights-of-way, designated as private roads on the filed maps used by Highland Lakes, Inc. to create our community, have never been developed as roadways (Beach 6 is an example) while others are undeveloped paths.

The amendment to the second paragraph of Rule 23 is underlined as follows: Recreational vehicles, campers, etc., are not permitted to be parked on Club properties and within the Club’s private rights-of-way, including roads, at any time unless special permission is first obtained from the Club office. Parking along roadways during snow and ice removal operations is regulated elsewhere in these Rules and Regulations.

This amendment does not ban the parking of recreational vehicles, campers, etc. but does require that permission be obtained from the Club. If you or your guests have a need to park a recreational vehicle on Club property, please contact the Club office during business hours or Highland Lakes Security at 973-764-4266. Thank you.

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