Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

Voting Board Meeting – Friday, January 20, 2017 – 8 pm

The Highland Lakes Voting Board is scheduled to meet at 8 pm Friday, January 20 in the Lake Room of the Clubhouse before adjourning into executive session. The board generally meets on the third Friday of most months to review the current activities and business of the Club. The meeting agenda always includes time allotted for reports from individual committees, a review of the Club’s current expenses, correspondence, legal matters, and a discussion of old and new business. Towards the end of the meeting the floor is open to members and all who wish to share their views on any Club related topic are encouraged to speak. Time is permitted at the beginning of each meeting for members to express views on any topic scheduled for a vote that night.

New business to be discussed includes the following:

  • appropriating $10,000 in the Asset Replacement Fund for the purchase of 9 – 50 meter and 4 – 25 meter lane lines at the Swim Lanes.
  • increasing the income levels for eligibility under the Club’s 2017 Senior Citizen and Permanently Disabled Discount Program ($490 for homeowners/$295 for lot owners) to the new levels for New Jersey’s Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) program from $26,575 to $26,655 for single persons and from $32,582 to $32,680 for married persons.
  • entering into a one year contract with two option years with Solitude Lake Management (formerly Allied Biological) for lake management services in the amount of $79,728 for calendar year 2017, $26,250 for option year 2018, and $33,648 for option year 2019.

Attending board meetings and workshops is a great way for members to become knowledgeable about the issues that the Club faces, to gain an understanding of what various committees are working on and become acquainted with board officers and the trustees who represent the various sections of our community. Meetings are typically two to three hours in length.

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