Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

Adult Appreciation – Friday, August 25, 2017 – Doors open at 7 pm

It’s that time again to thank the hundreds of volunteer workers for the thousands of hours of service to our community. Volunteers recognized at Adult Appreciation Night have dedicated at least 20 hours of service to the Club.

Please note that the only tables that will reserved at Appreciation Night will be for those volunteers who have helped set up the room and planned the evening. Seckler room doors open at 7 pm so you can choose your table, then come out and go into the Lake Room at 7:30 pm for a wonderful meal catered by Vinny Gagliostro followed by entertainment provided by Headline Entertainment.

If you have dedicated at least 20 hours to the Club, its events, activities, committees and/or organizations, your invitation letter has been mailed. If you do not receive an invitation and believe an oversight has occurred, please contact the Club office or your Committee or Activity Chair. Don’t let us miss you!

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