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Dock Space Assignments / Assigned Space List

New assignments of permanent dock space have been made, subject to all of the Club’s Rules, with a specific reminder that your boat must be in its assigned dock space not later than July 5, 2018. If your boat is not on the dock in its assigned space on July 5 the space will be automatically forfeited – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Locations, space numbers and assigned member numbers are available by clicking this link. Only boats with matching member numbers are authorized on these docks. Unauthorized boats will be removed in accordance with the following Rule 25:

A. HOLD HARMLESS: The member agrees to indemnify and hold the Club harmless from any injury, damage or loss resulting from the use and storage of the member’s boat anywhere on Club property, including but not limited to lands, docks and boat racks. The member, by keeping their boat on Club lands, docks or boat racks, acknowledges that the Club shall not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss whatsoever resulting from the removal, transport and storage of the boat, and use of the Club’s lands, docks and boat racks.

B. IMPROPER STORAGE: Improper storage is defined as storage on lands owned by the Club other than on docks and boat racks, storage anywhere on Club properties without a current membership permit, and storage in violation of this Rule 25 (C.), (D.) and/or (E.) below. Boats improperly stored will be removed to storage immediately.

C. STORAGE ON DOCKS and RACKS AFTER OCTOBER 15: All boats must be removed from Club docks not later than October 15 of each year. In alternating years, all boats must be removed from boat racks by October 15, as determined by the Boat and Dock committee and as published in the Newsette. Boats stored after October 15 in violation of this Rule will be removed to storage immediately.

D. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF SPACE ON ASSIGNED DOCKS: Space on certain Club docks is restricted to assigned use only. These docks are located at Club Park, Comet Row, Eckhart Sailing Center, Beach 3, Beach 4, and such other, future locations as may be authorized by the Voting Board. Docks subject to this assigned space requirement are marked with appropriate signs. Dock space assignments are managed by the Boat and Dock Committee upon receipt of applications from members in good standing and are assigned by the committee through the use of a lottery system and other methods. Boats not authorized by the committee on these docks will be removed to storage immediately.

E. DOCK MODIFICATIONS AND UNCOATED WIRE PROHIBITED: Members may not drill holes in any dock or fasten any device without the authorization of the Boat and Dock Committee. Only ropes, chain and plastic coated wire are authorized to attach a boat to a dock. Uncoated wire is specifically prohibited. Members are responsible for all damages caused by unauthorized drilling or fastening to the dock or excessive wear or chafing caused by the use of unauthorized attachment methods. Boats stored on docks in violation of this Rule will be removed to storage immediately.

F. REMOVAL TO STORAGE, PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS: Boats, kayaks, windsurfers, etc. of members stored in violation of these Rules shall be removed to storage, and will be subject to a special assessment of $100.00, and a daily storage charge of $5.00, calculated from the date the boat was removed to storage up to November 15, when a special winter storage fee of $250.00 will be imposed. After June 15, a disposal fee of $250.00 will be imposed. Boats may not be retrieved between November 15 and April 15. Members whose boats are identifiable through the boating permit shall be provided notice by regular and certified mail that the boat has been removed to storage. The Club may, in its sole discretion, elect to acquire title to any boat that has been determined to be abandoned, in compliance with the “Abandoned Vessels Disposition Law,” N.J.S.A. 12:7C-7 et seq. (Adopted May 16, 2014)


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