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Lightning and Thunder – Club Policy

Tuesday afternoon, July 3, 2018, a line of stationary thunderstorms developed over West Milford generating thunder that could be heard at our beaches. Rules in effect at the Club’s beaches (follow this link for beach rules) require removal of all bathers from the water upon hearing thunder and the waiting period is thirty minutes after the last instance of thunder is heard.

These rules are in effect for everyone’s safety, and follow guidelines from the American Red Cross which are excerpted here:

Leave the water at the first sound of thunder or sight of lightning. If possible, get to an enclosed area during an electrical storm. Do not stay in an open area, under a tree or near anything metal. The National Lightning Safety Institute recommends waiting at least 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder is heard before resuming activity in the water.

While it was hot and sunny with very few clouds in the sky thunder was present and our lifeguards followed both Club Rules and American Red Cross guidelines. While we appreciate the cooperation of most of our members, adults who disagree with the actions of the lifeguards in removing bathers from the water should direct their concerns to their Section Trustee and leave the lifeguards alone.

Jack McLaughlin
General Manager

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