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Vernon’s New Ordinance Permitting Fowl Not Applicable to Highland Lakes

The Vernon Township Council on September 10, 2018, adopted an amendment to the Land Use Ordinance permitting fowl – hens only (no roosters) and ducks –  on certain properties throughout the Township.

The adopted Ordinance (#18-25) contains this important statement:

Nothing in this ordinance is intended to subvert the rules and regulations of any Homeowners Association (HOA) or Qualified Private Community.

The Club has provided notice to the Vernon Zoning Office of the following provision contained within Section VII of Article XV – Property Covenants of the By-Laws of Highland Lakes Country Club and Community Association, as amended through August 19, 2018:

No stable for livestock shall be erected or maintained on the Member’s premises by the Member, and no livestock or fowl shall be kept on any part of the property (emphasis added).

Highland Lakes property owners are prohibited under the By-Laws from keeping fowl on their property. Violations would subject members to the disciplinary measures contained within Rule 22 which provide for the imposition of a monetary fine, the suspension of membership privileges, or both.

Since the plain language of the Ordinance means that Vernon Township is not able to issue a permit to keep chickens or ducks to Highland Lakes property owners, violations may result in Vernon Township issuing a summons and complaint requiring an appearance in Municipal Court. The Ordinance provides that a penalty may be imposed by the Municipal Court Judge up to the maximum penalty allowed by law.


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