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Voting Board Adopts Boat Rule Revisions / Eliminates Boat Dock Space Lottery

The Voting Board, at its Regular Meeting on February 15, 2019, adopted extensive revisions to Rule 25 pertaining to the storage of boats on Club properties. In its actions, the board also agreed to eliminate the further permanent assignment of boat dock spaces effective February 15, 2019.

Members who received an assigned dock space at Club Park, Comet Row, Beach 3 and Beach 4 under the lottery system will continue to have those spaces as long as the conditions of the assignment are met, otherwise the assignment will be forfeited. These forfeited spaces will be converted to “OPEN” spaces, marked by a different color numbered plate than the assigned spaces and contain the word “OPEN”. For these OPEN spaces, the approach to getting a dock space is identical to the methods historically used by members – “first come/first serve”.

Once the docks are in place late in April, members may secure one of these OPEN spaces by placing their current boating permit on the dock together with their boat which must also have current boating permits.

Dock spaces at Eckhart Sailing Center remain reserved for junior sailors and others participating in the Club’s sailing fleets.

More information about boating and dock space may be found here. The complete text of amended Rule 25 may be found here.

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