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Voting Board approves new resolution on home rentals

At a recent board meeting the Voting Board approved a resolution to address questions and concerns related to property rentals. The resolution further defines and clarifies administrative policies related to the Club’s By-Laws regarding property rentals by members, the use of the common properties by renters, and reiterates the Club’s responsibility to guard against discord, annoyance, disorder, interloping, disturbance and trespassing.

  • All members (property owners) are required by the By-Laws to rent the property only to an Active Member (another owner) or Associate Member (tenant or lessee).
  • Owners MUST ensure that their tenants/lessees are Associate Members regardless of how long a period they are renting.
  • Owners, whether in good standing or not, are required to register their property as a rental and register all tenants upon each change of occupancy, and to pay the corresponding Associate Membership dues.
  • Associate Membership privileges will be extended to tenants/lessees when the Owner is a member in good standing and the corresponding dues have been paid.
  • Rental properties MUST be registered with the Club – without exception. There are fees associated with tenant/lessee registration that have been in place for years and will be enforced.
  • Failure to register tenants/lessees upon each change of occupancy according to these administrative policies will result in significant penalties.

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