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Notice: Assigned Dock Spaces to be Forfeited if Unoccupied

Please take notice that if you have been assigned a dock space on the newer docks at Club Park, Comet Row, Beach 3 or Beach 4 AND your boat is not on the dock in its assigned space on July 5, 2019, the space will be automatically forfeited – NO EXCEPTIONS. These spaces will have their numbered plate removed and replaced with a new tag with the words OPEN.

Members who received an assigned dock space at Club Park, Comet Row, Beach 3 and Beach 4 under the lottery system continue to have those spaces as long as the conditions of the assignment are met. These forfeited spaces are converted to “OPEN” spaces, marked by a different color numbered plate than the assigned spaces and contain the word “OPEN”. For these OPEN spaces, the approach to getting a dock space is identical to the methods historically used by members – “first come/first serve”.

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