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Highland Lakes Open Studio Tour – Saturday, August 10, 2019 2 pm

With a list of confirmed artists willing to open their studio/homes to us, I am happy to announce that the Highland Lakes Artists Group will be hosting The 1st Annual Highland Lakes Open Studio Tour – August 10 starting at 2 pm. 

The plan is:
1. Meet first in the Clubhouse parking lot at 1:45 pm. A list of the addresses, schedule, and all other needs will be given out.

2. At 2 pm, hop into the least amount of vehicles possible (considering parking on some of our country lanes) and begin the tour.

3. All participants will venture from studio to studio together. Even those who are hosting can join the group.

4. Each artist hosting will open their studio doors to show the space they work in, provide some light refreshments, and present artwork and works in progress to their liking.

5. We will spend 20 – 30 minutes in each studio. Spontaneous demonstrations and Q&A may occur. We will eat food, drink, and enjoy the creativity of each artist’s space.

6. We will venture to each studio in this fashion. (We will limit this to 5 studios for this go around)

7. After we visit each studio we will end at Bruce Young’s house/studio/art gallery for a final celebration of our neighborhood creativity (a few houses away from the Clubhouse and your cars.). Any questions email Dennis Dalelio-daleliod@yahoo.com

Dennis Dalelio, Coordinator

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