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Badges and Permits to be Mailed Beginning May 1, 2020

With the closure of the Club Office, the April 13, 2020, date for pickup of badges and permits needed to be canceled. Until the office reopens, once you have paid your dues and assessments in full for 2020, your badges, garbage permit, and boating and parking permits will be mailed to your address on file with the Club beginning May 1, 2020.

If you want the badge and permit package mailed to a different address, or if you need to add/delete a vehicle, send the change of address and/or updated vehicle information by fax to 974-764-7401 or email to hlcc@warwick.net. Don’t forget to include a copy of the vehicle’s registration.

Attention Newer Members: if you have not returned the Membership Materials form, please mail it with copies of the required documentation to HLCC, PO Box 578, Highland Lakes, NJ 07422, scan and email it to hlcc@warwick.net, or drop it through the mail slot at the Club Office. Until this form is received and processed we are unable to prepare your membership package.

Jack McLaughlin, General Manager


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