Highland Lakes

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Guest Badge Policy Revised

Effective July 2, 2020
Maximum of two beach guest passes per member number may be purchased each day
Beach Guest Passes and Guest Badges
Limits established for beaches each day
Available only at the Activities Center Monday-Sunday 9 am to 4 pm
Advance Purchases of Beach Guest Passes Prohibited

In order for the Club to open and operate its beaches and facilities during the ongoing health crisis, social distancing and other requirements were established by Governor Murphy and state and local regulatory authorities. One requirement was the submission of a mitigation plan to the Sussex County Division of Health that specified, among other things, the maximum capacity levels based on individuals social distancing for each of our beaches.

Recognizing that we wouldn’t be able to accommodate an indefinite number of members and guests on our beaches at all times, the Voting Board recently approved a policy that establishes limitations on the availability of guest badges—and guest parking passes—from now through Labor Day. It was carefully planned and thoroughly discussed, and while it may not be perfect, it achieves a reasonable balance between maintaining our regulatory compliance while providing for equitable access to beaches for members and their guests.

The major changes are:
A. General
1. for guests at beaches, a beach guest pass (BGP) will be issued.
2. for other guests (parks, fishing, courts, etc.) – the “normal” guest badge (GB) is continued but is not valid for admission to the beaches.
3. both BGPs and GBs are available from the Activity Center ONLY, open seven days weekly from 9 am to 4 pm. Lifeguards and Security personnel will not have access to beach guest passes or guest badges.
4. after Labor Day, guest badges will be available for all Club facilities from the Club Office only, during normal business hours.

B. Beach Guest Passes (BGP)
1. members may purchase under their membership number not more than two BGPs daily for one designated beach upon presentation of the membership card or owner’s badge, and personal identification. No guest parking passes for beaches will be issued.
2. beach guest passes will be sold for the day ONLY – advance purchases are not permitted.
3. the following BGP limits per day are established: Beach 1 – 15; Beach 2 – 10; Beach 3 – 7; Beach 4 – 2; Beach 5 – 2; Beach 6 – 2; Beach 7 – 2.
4. BGPs shall be valid ONLY for the purchased beach and not valid at other beaches or Club facilities.
5. if the BGPs do not permit entry to the purchased beach due to capacity limitations, BGPs are exchangeable upon presentation for other available beaches or refundable.

C. Guest Badges (GB)
1. guest badges are valid at all Club facilities except beaches and the swim lanes.
2. a member may purchase not more than twenty GBs per day for use at Club facilities (parks, courts, fishing, Clubhouse) except beaches upon presentation of the membership card or owner’s badge, and identification.
3. advance purchases of GBs are authorized, provided that the purchase date is four days (including the purchase date) or less from the requested date. All purchases are final, not exchangeable and not refundable.

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