Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

Assigned Dock Space Deadline: July 5, 2020

Members who received an assigned dock space at Club Park, Comet Row, Beach 3 and Beach 4 under the lottery system are reminded that the space will be automatically forfeited if any of the following occurs – NO EXCEPTIONS:

  1. dues and assessments are not paid by June 30, 2020, or
  2. your boat is not on the dock in its assigned space on July 5, 2020, or
  3. your boat is on the dock in violation of the Boat Storage standards found in Rule 25.

Forfeited spaces will have their numbered plate removed and replaced with a new tag with the words OPEN. For these new OPEN spaces, the approach to getting a dock space is identical to the methods historically used by members – “first come/first served”.

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